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60-minute session (75 minutes for new patients). This treatment will always start with health intake and physical exam. This treatment includes acupuncture treatment and a few minutes of bodywork. Moxa or cupping will be added if applicable. Includes treatment plan.



30-minute Cupping or Moxibustion session. Method of application determined by condition treated. This treatment is not for everyone. 


30-minute standardized Acupuncture session is designed specifically for boosting the immune system OR to relieve stress and help to relax the nervous system.


90-minute appointment includes a 60-minute acupuncture session and a 30-minute cupping/moxa session. For return patients only.

Holistic Skincare

30-minute consultation is for those looking to begin their health and aesthetic transformations at Yūgen Wellness.
This session includes: a review of health history and current health conditions, and a complete a physical examination. “Before” photographs will be taken.
This session is required for all skincare patients. 


60-minute acupuncture facial to naturally reduce fine lines and wrinkles and tighten facial elasticity by boosting collagen and elastin production. To enhance your experience, this treatment includes both face and body points, facial gua sha or facial cupping with herbal infused facial oil along with LED light therapy.
Recommended 10-12 sessions to achieve optimal results.
Follow up - $150
Package of 10 - $1,400
90-minute acupuncture facial to naturally reduce fine lines and wrinkles, tighten facial elasticity, and nourish the skin from the inside out. To enhance your experience, this treatment includes both face and body points, facial gua sha or facial cupping with herbal infused facial oil along with LED light therapy, customized facial mask, and crystal therapy to achieve achieve optimal results.
Follow up - $190
Package of 10 - $1,750
45-minute gua sha and cupping facial with herbal infused facial oil, warm towels and LED light therapy.
This treatment tones, tightens and sculps muscles of the neck and face, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, promote lymphatic drainage and collagen production to promote a brighter and tighter complexion.
Perfect for those who don't want needles.
For new and return patients - $80
Add Custom Face Mask +$40 


60-minute micro-needling session focused on the face and neck to naturally increase collagen and elastin production. This treatment aims to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, reduce the appearance of scars, brighten and smooth complexion, even out discoloration, and  greatly increase product absorption.

Includes hyaluronic acid and stem cell serum, LED light therapy.

 This treatment is not for everyone.

Follow up - $240
Package of 5 - $1,150


Don't want needles?

This advanced pain-free method stimulates collagen production in the skin by painlessly and safely infusing active ingredients through thousands of microscopic channels. This treatment combats wrinkles, acne hyperpigmentation, fine lines, stretch marks, and other skin blemishes using your body’s own repair process. Same investment as Micro-needling


Perfect for targeting specific skin problems such as scars on face or body, scalp for hair growth, just the lips, crows feet, back of the hands, for specific darks spots, etc.

Pricing determined after new patient consultation.

Micro-Needling / Collagen Induction

Cosmetic Acupuncture

Energy & Crystal Healing

60-minute session using traditional Reiki techniques along with crystals placed along charkas and energy points to help bring balance to body, mind and soul.​


Herbal Consult

This 30 minute herbal consult is for patients who want to try herbal medicine without acupuncture for their chief concerns. All herbal formula are customized for the patient and their current conditions.
Price does not include the cost of the herbal formula.
Based on TCM nutrition theory. Good nutrition is the foundation of good health. Nutrition is unique for each person based on diagnosis, body type, food sensitivities, and emotional well-being. You need to have a clear idea of the components of a healthy diet to be able to choose the proper foods and better understand why those foods should be supported with supplements. After a detailed nutrition assessment, an individualized nutrition plan will be providedFollow-up visits are scheduled to monitor an individual’s progress and provide coaching and support.
Initial - $150
Follow up - $90
This is for individuals seeking an evaluation of their physical, energetic, and emotional health and who are invested in defining goals for taking responsibility for their health and healing.​ This service is to assist people in creating actionable strategies to change their experiences in life for the better.  This includes conversations and exploration of boundary-setting in work, relationships, and how you treat yourself and your body.
Contact me for coaching prices.

Nutrition Coaching

Wellness Coaching

Group Sessions & Corporate Wellness

Want to enhance your retreat, workshop or class?

Want to show your employees how much you appreciate them?

Acupuncture is a great way to add an extra layer of healing to your magical event & a perfect way to say "thank you"!

Contact me for rates.


If you are in need of financial support, please contact me for a sliding scale appointment.

 This offering is only available for Acupuncture & the No-Needle treatments. 

You will not be turned away for lack of funds.

​***All session times are approximate depending on treatment customization***

​***Most acupuncture and cosmetic treatments will include nutrition and herbal recommendations***
​***All facial products are organic and non-toxic. Alternative options available for those with allergies***
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