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Reiki- A “Simple”, Scientific Explanation

Reiki, meaning “universal life energy,” is a form of Eastern energy healing for the Mind, Body, and Soul. It is not a religion and does not interfere with any belief systems. Anyone can receive it. However, Reiki is not like a massage where you can see things happening, it is far more subtle. Explaining something to a client that is essentially intangible is a hard thing to do. This is especially true with my Reiki practice.

The truth is that there is some proven science and quantum physics involved with this practice. Understanding these principles has significantly helped in the understanding of my practice on a whole other level. Because of this understanding, I have also had a much easier time explaining it to the “skeptics.”

Let’s start with some basic science and history of the body.

Your body and brain are made up of billions of nerves that perform various acts like breathing, walking, thinking, digesting and so much more. Every single time a neuron fires off a nerve impulse, there is a chemical process happening. This generates energy and electricity in the body as well as bio-magnetic fields around us. This energy/magnetic field vibrates at about 65MHz and can be palpated, channeled and even manipulated. Energy can also be translated into light depending on how it is measured.

Several theories come into play when it comes to the physics of Reiki. The first is the particle theory. This theory states that all matter contains small particles that are in a constant state of motion but held together by strong forces. The second theory is Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. This theory demonstrated the overlapping of time, space, matter and energy. This is a complex theory, but at its core, energy equals mass multiplied by the speed of light (E=mC2). This means that all matter is energy. It also means that everything in the Universe is in a constant state of motion and flux, thus creating an energy field like the one found in and around us.

The human magnetic field has been documented on several occasions. One of the first times that this bio-magnetic field was detected was from the heart in 1963. Later, in the 70's, technology advanced, making it possible to measure magnetic fields around the head created from the brain. In the 1980's, Dr. John Zimmerman realized that the bio-magnetic field that pluses off of light/energy/Reiki practitioner's hands is the same strength as that found around the head. Certain frequencies are documented for healing. The brain gives off these frequencies, and so can the hands of a Reiki practitioner. Additionally, when practicing, the Alpha states of the practitioner’s brain waves synchronize with receivers. It was found that at this moment the bio-magnetic field from the practitioner’s hands is 1000 times greater than normal. Other studies were done in Japan involving the Qi (energy) of the hands of martial artist. The Qi recorded from the hands was so strong that it can be detected with a basic magnetometer.

Now that you understand the physics part, let’s dive into the anatomy part.

The myofascial system is probably the most important system when it comes to any bodywork. It is also the least understood system of the body. It is said that trauma, both physical and emotional, can be held in this system without the client having any idea. Fascia is the connective tissue of the body. This fascia is a continuous and dense web that wraps itself over, in and around all organs and muscles of the body. This system is made up primarily of collagen and elastin fibers and is suspended in an extracellular Matrix called ground substance. This substance is gel-like and made up of 90% water. If you recall from science class, water conducts energy.

Fascia also acts as an energy pathway. This is where it applies most to Reiki. Within the cells of the body, there are biophotons emitted. These biophotons are light particles that are also part of the electromagnetic forces of the body. This is also how cells communicate with each other. It is because of this communication that it is thought that these biophotons are basic sparks of conscious energy. The other interesting thing about the myofascial system is where it has seven major connection points. These points directly correlate with the Charka system.

Putting it all together My role as a Reiki practitioner is a simple one. I am essentially acting as a conduit to bring energetic balance to my client. In a session, there is my energy field and my client’s energy. The energy from my hands interacts with the client’s energy. The energy from the universe (think back to Einstein), interacts with my energy, moving through my myofascial/chakras system, out through my hands and into the client. As discussed in the first part, energy and light is everywhere. This energy vibrates. This vibration can be felt. Sometimes this vibration is felt as heat or cold and sometimes like static. These can come from physical or emotion imbalances that are interfering with the good vibrating. When this is felt, it typically means that an area needs attention. Even if I am not on the specific issue, the energy gets to where it needs to go.

Over the last 30 years, there has been a major increase of scientific exploration in the work of Reiki. Some of it is incredibly complex and overwhelming. It is my job as a practitioner to understand my practice to the fullest of my capabilities in order to help guide my clients on their journey.


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