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What are Cupping Marks?


While they might look like bruises they are quite different. Bruises originate from injury or trauma to an area that results in damage to vessels and other tissues. Bruises are painful or sensitive to the touch and take longer to heal. Cupping marks are more like hickies. They are not painful to the touch and fade over time. The area is frequently more comfortable than before because of the vacuum that is created. This decompression and expansion of the tissue brings fluids to the area and pulls stagnant blood out, increasing local circulation. Cupping pulls out waste from the body to bring in more nutrient-full blood and fluids to the tissue to help nourish and heal. The marks are an expression of the underlying stagnation of blood and fluids in the body that are held by tight and restricted tissues. Tight and knotted tissues are malnourished making the removal of cellular waste and toxins harder for the body to excrete. When the vacuum is applied, the stagnated fluids are pulled to the surface, creating more space for new blood and fluids to return to the area that was moments ago, tight and restricted.

The only time the marks appear, and stay is if there is tightness and stagnation in that area. You do not get them in healthy tissue.

Want to know is cupping is right for you? Schedule a session where we can discuss the best modalities for your condition and work together to create a wellness plan.


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